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The Kabbalist Wall Decal

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Shedim, mazzikin, dybbuks... Jewish folklore is replete with colorful stories of demonic beings, as well as saints and sages, from King Solomon to the Chasidic masters, squaring off against them.  This imaginative design portrays a medieval Jewish mystic (a "mekubal," or "kabbalist" in English) about to strike down one such demon.  He is shielded with the symbols of his faith: tallis, tefillin, Torah, and wields a sword with which to protect the innocent.  Kind of like if The Witcher was also a Talmudic scholar.  Maybe we should call him "Gevalt" of Rivia.  Anyone?  Well, at least we make ourselves laugh. 😆

We don't take every oral tradition of such supernatural entities literally--true spiritual power rests with the Creator alone, and many great rabbinic thinkers have always understood these teachings allegorically.  If anything, a demon is a good metaphor for the evil inclination that resides in the soul of every person, and that we much each strive to dominate within ourselves.  Hence the caption: "Smite Your Demons."  Plus, we think the artwork is pretty awesome, and just the thing to wear to your next D&D game or Renaissance Faire.

Product Specifications:

.: 100% Polyester
.: Reusable
.: Multiple sizes
.: For indoor use