Who We Are

Maccabee Apparel is a small business, founded by a Jewish American war vet, that is changing the way people think about faith-based gifts.  This isn’t your grandparents' Judaica.  While firmly rooted in and inspired by Biblical tradition, Maccabee Apparel offers a modern flair that reminds people that yes, spirituality can actually be cool.

We founded our brand partly as a response to rising public anti-Semitism in the west, and the growing popularity of pro-Nazi clothing and paraphernalia. There are a lot of great veteran-owned brands out there offering products with spiritual warrior themes. But usually such designs are either based on Paganism, or they glorify the Crusades, which tends to exclude Jews and philo-Semites (those whose views are anti-anti-Semitic). We offer Maccabee Apparel so that those folks can have something of their own to take pride in too.  Our fans, Jewish and non-Jewish alike, have the chutzpah* to wear our Star of David emblem publicly as a badge of honor, and in remembrance of those throughout the ages who have had it forced upon them.

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* Chutzpah [ˈho͝otspə, ˈKHo͝otspə]
shameless audacity; boldness.