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Jewish Space Laser T-Shirt

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"That's no sun..."

If you've been following the news (or Twitter), you may have hard that a certain U.S. politician publicly espoused the notion that forest fires are in fact being started by a secret Jewish-owned Space Laser because, blah blah blah, profit.  It's no more outlandish than any other anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, BUT #JewishSpaceLasers quickly started trending, and the idea of it has captivated the imaginations of non-bigots, Jewish and gentile alike.

Isn't it funny how the same people who ascribe all kinds of unfathomable abilities and resources to THE JEWS™ seem to have no problem badmouthing and bullying members of this supposedly powerful, diabolical conspiracy?  You'd think they'd want to tread lightly.  We at Maccabee Apparel say it's time to just lean into the crazy.  "Oh, you hate me because I'm Jewish and you think I'm going to secretly ruin your credit score?  Apparently you haven't heard of the Jewish Space Laser."

Also, "Jewish Space Laser" is what made the headlines, but talk about a missed opportunity! "Death Star of David" is a much better name, and so that's what we put on our design, along with our second favorite: Maccabeams!  The Death Star of David can be seen blowing up an enemy ship with an oddly familiar shape.  Of course, anyone who's watched Raiders of the Lost Ark knows, if you have a Secret Jewish Laser, you're supposed to use it on Nazis.  Obviously.

Product specifications:

.: 100% Cotton
.: Light fabric (5.3 oz/yd² (180 g/m²)
.: Classic fit
.: Tear away label 
.: Runs true to size